Crown Point Youth Soccer Club

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Coach's Code of Ethics

•  Encourage good sportsmanship by example; the game is for the children, not for adults.

•  Learn the rules of soccer.

•  Maintain the safety and well-being of their players, remembering the large range of emotional and physical development at any age.

•  Explain to parents what is expected of them and their children.

•  Provide a positive, enjoyable atmosphere for the players and parents.

•  Refrain from open arguments with referees and other coaches.

•  Encourage parents to support the team with their presence as much as possible.

•  Provide necessary guidance and equipment at game and practices.

•  Discipline players in a FAIR and CONSISTENT manner.

•  Refrain from making negative comments about other coaches, players and referees.

•  Be prepared to deal with injuries in a timely manner by reviewing first aid principles.

•  Maintain a consistent practice schedule that is fun and challenging for the players.

•  Not partake in drug, alcohol or tobacco use at any CPYSC event.