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Player & Parent Expectations

Player and Parent Expectations

Attendance Policy:  It is the coach’s expectation that you will attend all training sessions unless there is an illness, school-related activity, or important family function. Practice is more important than games at this age, therefore it is essential that you attend practice with a positive attitude and demonstrate the proper amount of discipline and commitment to improving individual and team skills. If you are missing a practice or game, please let Your Coach/Trainer know ahead of time at least several hours prior.

Punctuality: Please arrive to practices 10 minutes early and start practicing by…JUGGLING! We only have a short window of time to practice and would like to make the most of the time available. 

Please plan to arrive NO LATER than the time set forth by the coach prior to game time.  It is important to get sufficiently warmed up and prepared for a game and it is impossible for the player to do that if they are running on the field right before the game!

Playing Time: Each player will play at least 50% of the game.  The coach will maintain this from game to game at the best of his/her ability. Skill level should not be a factor. Things happen from game to game. If a perceived lack of playing time is observed please communicate with the coach first and then the board if not resolved.

Starting Line Up: The starting line-up is based on attendance, effort and participation in practice, but all players should get to start at least one game if possible.

Side Line Behavior: We ask that the parents please represent your team and the organization in a professional manner.  In the spirit of this, there is absolutely NO Shouting from the sidelines unless it is to cheer positively for the team.  Please do not heckle the officials as it only hurts our team in the long run. 

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT COACH your child from the sidelines, CHEER FOR THEM.  We have had many instances where parent instructions have been the opposite of what the playing situation dictates so please allow the coach to do the coaching.  Do not comment on other players, from either team.  If there is a problem a parent will be asked to leave the field, which nobody wants.

24 Hour Rule: Allow 24 hours before speaking to the coach after a game if there is something you are dissatisfied with.  This allows both parties a cool down period and time to reflect on the game and the situation. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Also, please keep in mind that ALL Coaches for CPYS are volunteers and many are brand new.

We expect all communication to be respectful between Coaches and Parents

Communication:  The Coach is encouraged to communicate via email and if possible text messages so please check your emails frequently or consider downloading the  app to your smartphone.  There are a lot of players and many events to coordinate, so we ask that you please reply PROMPTLY to ALL requests. In the event of a last minute game or practice cancellation, you will receive a text as soon as we are aware of the change.  In addition you can check the Clubs website and Facebook page for updates on field closures.

Field Status

Open Open

Crown Point Lemon Lake County Park (10:52 AM | 04/17/24)

Open Open

Keller Park - CP Practice Fields (10:25 PM | 04/07/24)

Open Open

Erlenbach Park (U14/U12) - CP Practice Fields (10:12 PM | 01/25/24)

Open Open

OLD Taft Middle School fields (U8) - CP Practice Fields (10:24 PM | 04/07/24)