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U10 In-house rules

Rule based on: Say Soccer 2022 rule book
- Any text highlighted in red overrides Say Soccer rules.


Running Up the Score
- In the event that one team is five goals ahead of another team, the losing team will be allowed to add additional player. The player will remain on the field until there is a two point differential. 
- - Coaches please let the referee know the reason for the player add and removal. 
- Positive sportsmanship can be created by avoiding score differences of 10-0 through various coaching strategies.  Coaches with a dominant team should encourage players to pass more frequently, rotate positions, and identify new players to score. 
- This will be handled by the coaches directly and the referee shall have no involvement.

- Available for warm-up and final words of encouragement 10 minutes before your game.

Law 7 Duration of Game:
- Running clock
- Two (2) equal halves of twenty-five (25) minutes each.
- Five (5) minute break at half time.
- Teams change side each period.

Law 2 The Ball:
- Soccer ball size #4

Law 3 Number of Players:
- 7 vs. 7, six on field plus one goalie.
- minimum players to start game is five (5)
- Teams not required to play even sided.

Law 3 Substitutions:
- Both teams may sub between periods
- Either team may sub on the following
- - Substitutions on goal kicks, after a goal, extended timeout( injury,cautions , send-offs)
- No substitution on corner kicks

Law 3 Playing Time:
- Each player is scheduled for a minimum of half of the game.

Law 4 Player Required Equipment:
- Shin guards. Socks must cover shin guards, no exceptions.
- Soccer shoes or gym shoes only. No football or baseball cleats allowed.
- No Jewelry must be removed, including earrings, no exceptions.

Law 5 Referees:
- One referee and two assistant referees are assigned to the game.
- Coaches check in with the referee 2 minutes before game time for the coin toss.
- If a referee not available to ref a parent or a coach can referee the game.

Law 6 Assistant Referees
- Duties included
- - ball is out-of-play
- - opponent entitled to a corner kick, goal kick, or throw-in
- - substitute
- - offside position
- - foul or misconduct
- If a referee can't show a parent or a coach can assistant referee the game.
- If a parent or coach is used they can only call out-of-play.

Law 8 Start and restart of play:
- Player may not touch the ball again when taking following kicks until it has touched another player.
- - free kick, goal kick, corner kick, kick-off or throw-in
- Results: indirect free kick to opponent.
- Opponents of the team taking the kick shall be at least five (5) yards from the ball.
- Goalkeeper may punt and drop kick the ball.

Law 8 Kick-Offs:
- On game starts defensive players must stand outside of the circle on starts.
- Ball in play when kicked and clearly moves in any direction.

Law 8 Drop ball:
- Restart when referee stops a game for an injury, outside interference, weather or accidental whistle.
- only one player may take part in the dropped ball; all other players to be at least (4) yards
- Ball in play when it makes contact with the ground.
- To award a goal the ball has to be touched by two different players.

Law 8 Build-out area
- Opponents
- - must move outside build-out area on all free kick and goal kick restarts
- - players must remain outside build-out area until ball is kicked and clearly moves.
- - must also move outside build-out area whenever the goalkeeper gain possession of the ball.
- Goalkeepers match not touch the ball again with their hand(s) until it has been touched or played by another player

Law 9 Ball out play:
- When the ball completely leaves the field of play over the touchline(sideline) or goal line on the ground or in the air. 
- - Also whenever the whistle is blown by referee.
- Results: in a throw-in for the opposite team.

Law 11 Offside:
- Players can only be in offside position in the opponents build-out area.
- - Between the offside lines (build-out line) and the goal line.
- offside offense occurs when a player in offside position becomes actively involved by interfering with play or an opponent.
- Results: Indirect free kick at location where the player was offside position occurred.

Law 12 Fouls and Misconducts:
- No pushing
- No hooking or holding
- No slide tackling
- - If contact is made yellow or red card may be issued based on referee opinion. (Rarely used) Avoid carding players as much as possible.
- Coaches and bench personnel may be carded for misconduct.
- Results: A direct free kick if contact is made.
- Results: If no contact is made indirect free kick

Law 12 Heading:
- Prohibited at this age.
- Results: Indirect free kick for opposing ream at spot of the infraction.

Law 12 Handball:
- Deliberate plays with either hands or arms.
- Results: in a direct free kick for the other team.

Law 13 Free Kick:
- Opponents are at least five (5) yards from the ball.
- The ball is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves.
- Free kicks on the defender's half of the field, the opponent must remain outside of the build-out area until the ball is in play.
- Direct Free Kick (DFK) - a goal may be scored on the first touch, but only against the opposing team. 
- Indirect Free Kick (IFK) - two touches required for a goal to be allowed.

Law 14 Penalty Kick:
- When a direct free kick is offense is committed inside a players own penalty area.
- all players except kicker and goalkeeper to be outside of penalty area and penalty arc.
- Goalkeeper must have at least one foot touching the goal line at the time the ball is kicked.
- Ball must be clearly kicked in a forward direction.

Law 15 Throw-in:
- Restart when ball goes over the touchline (sideline) and is taken by opponents of player who last touched the ball.
- A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw-in

Law 16 Goal Kick:
- When the ball goes out of the field of play over the goal line last touched by the attacking team.
- Results: in a goal kick by the other team.
- Defensive players must stand at or behind the build-out area until the ball is in play.
- If the opponent encroach to early,  an indirect free kick restart is to be taken at point where player crosses into the build-out area. 
- Goal may be scored directly from a goal kick, but only against the opposing team.

Law 17 Corner Kick:
- When the ball goes out of the field of play over the goal line last touched by the defensive team.
- Results: In a corner kick for the attacking team to the closet corner that the ball went out of field of play.
- Opponents must stay five (5) yards from the ball until it is in play,

Field Status

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