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Revision 1/1/24: Crown Point Youth Soccer CPYS Sponsorship Packages

How to get started?

1) Select a sponsorship package that fits your goals and level of support.
2) Click on the respective sponsorship package link, per the last row of the chart, to Pay the respective amount via PayPal. OR…reach out to us to pay via check at [email protected].
- Mailing Address:
  Crown Point Youth Soccer
  PO Box 432
  Crown Point IN 46307

3) Send an email to [email protected] with the following details.
 - Sponsorship package purchased
 - Contact name
 - Email
 - Phone
 - Company name
 - Website
 - Company logo.



Bronze   Silver Gold  Platinum Custom option
Sponsorship Benefits
Cost per season-->
Logo and Website Link on CPYS Website
Logo and Name on consolidated Sponsors Banner at Lemon Lake "CPYS Game Fields"

Dedicated 2' X 8' Banner at Lemon Lake on main walkway "includes $150 for cost of the banner"     
Logo on Inhouse Jerseys [3-5 Teams]
Logo on Inhouse Jerseys [6-10 Teams]
ONE Email Blast to the CPYS Club Distribution      
ONE Facebook Post on CPYS Facebook Site
TWO Email Blasts to the CPYS Club Distribution
TWO Facebook Posts on CPYS Facebook Site     
ONE Game Field Named after Sponsor [inclusive of cost of 3'X3' Banner] for SPRING & FALL season      
ONE Annual Referee or Athlete Scholarship [$200-$500] in the sponsors name
Select your option by clicking on one of the following links.
 Gold Platinum Custom


More package info

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* CPYS Sponsorship Package more details


Crown Point Youth Soccer By the numbers:
  • 1200+ Annual Athletes; 60%/40% Mix of Boys and Girls; Athlete ages between 5 and 14
  • 600 Fall Athletes / 650 Spring Athletes; 95% INVOLVED Crown Point Residents/PARENTS
  • 900 games at Lemon Lake County Park per year; 450 Games each Spring and Fall Season; 50+ games per weekend!
  • 4000-6000 SPECTATORS PER WEEKEND from Crown Point and 22 surrounding NWI communities
  • 300 Crown Point Volunteers, Coaches, Board Members Per Season; Monthly Board Meetings to drive priorities with Sponsors
  • 2200 Crown Point Soccer Facebook Followers:
  • Significant Website Visits / Page Views per month: [NEW website launching Q1 2024]

The SPORT of Soccer By the numbers:
  • #1 Sport in the world…total players and global fanbase!
  • #1 Favorite Sport in America amongst Americans age 30 or younger!
  • 1500% increase in Americans Preference of Soccer as favorite sport vs Baseball… during the last 50 years
  • 300% increase in USA High School Soccer Players since 1980… vs American High School Football with zero growth
  • 800% increase in USA High School GIRLS Soccer players since 1980 [400,000 High School girl players as of 2022]
  • 2026 Men's World Cup in the USA will drive further interest and Growth in American Soccer!
  • 62,000 Attendees at the Miami-Chicago MLS game at Soldier Field in Oct '23…Largest Soccer Attendance in Chicagoland History!
    -->Massive ongoing growth ongoing and expected for years with Soccer

Field Status

Open Open

Crown Point Lemon Lake County Park (10:52 AM | 04/17/24)

Open Open

Keller Park - CP Practice Fields (10:25 PM | 04/07/24)

Open Open

Erlenbach Park (U14/U12) - CP Practice Fields (10:12 PM | 01/25/24)

Open Open

OLD Taft Middle School fields (U8) - CP Practice Fields (10:24 PM | 04/07/24)