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U5/6 In-house rules

Rule based on: Say Soccer 2022 rule book
- Any text highlighted in red overrides Say Soccer rules.


- Start as scheduled
- If one team is dominating the game, both coaches should agree to add a player to even out play.
- There is no winning or losing team since no score is kept.
- No Win / Loss records.
- Every team is a winner if the kids have fun and learn!

- Available for warm-up and final words of encouragement 10 minutes before your game.
- 10 Yard Center Circle (5 Yards on each side of the field)

Duration of Game:
- Running clock
- Four (4)-quarters each with a length of eight (8)-minutes.
- Two (2) minute break between quarters

Playing Time:
- Each player is scheduled for a minimum of 2 quarters per game.

- Player substitutions during a quarter
- If during the game it's only allowed when a player is
injured or traumatized.

Game Format:
- 3 vs. 3, No Goalkeeper. Everyone plays the full field.
- Two separate and simultaneous 3 vs. 3 matches are played on adjacent fields
- -
A Field (selected by the coaches before game) – Larger and more skilled players - (Optionally the coach can select to not be on the field after first two weeks (Except U5 - as needed)
- - B Field (selected by the coaches before game) – Smaller and less skilled players - Coaches on field as needed

Player Required Equipment:
- Soccer ball size #3
- Shin guards. Socks must cover shin guards, no exceptions.
- Soccer shoes or gym shoes only. No football or baseball cleats allowed.
- No Jewelry must be removed, including earrings, no exceptions.

- One ref assigned to each field. If a referee isn't available a coach or parent can referee the game.
- Coaches check in with the referee 2 minutes before game time for the coin toss.

- On game starts defensive players must stand outside of the circle on starts.

Ball out play:
- When the ball completely leaves the field of play over the touchline(sideline) or goal line on the ground or in the air. 
- - Also whenever the whistle is blown by referee.
- Results: in a kick-in for the opposite team.

Free kicks
- All free kick restarts are to be Indirect Direct Free kick (IFK).
- Two touches by anyone is required for a goal to be allowed.

Penalty kicks
- No penalty kicks in U5/U6

Goal Kick:
- When the ball goes out of the field of play over the goal line last touched by the attacking team.
- Results: in a goal kick by the other team.
- Defensive players must stand at or behind midfield on all goal kicks.

Corner Kick:
- When the ball goes out of the field of play over the goal line last touched by the defensive team.
- Results: In a corner kick for the attacking team to the closet corner that the ball went out of field of play.

- Deliberate plays with either hands or arms.
- Results: in a indirect free kick for the other team.

Law 12 Fouls and Misconducts:
- No pushing
- No slide tackles
- No hooking or holding
- Results: In a indirect free kick. There should be no cautions issued to the player. The offense should be explained to the player.

Field Status

Open Open

Crown Point Lemon Lake County Park (10:52 AM | 04/17/24)

Open Open

Keller Park - CP Practice Fields (10:25 PM | 04/07/24)

Open Open

Erlenbach Park (U14/U12) - CP Practice Fields (10:12 PM | 01/25/24)

Open Open

OLD Taft Middle School fields (U8) - CP Practice Fields (10:24 PM | 04/07/24)