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Severe weather policy

Rule based on: Say Soccer 2022 rule book
- Any text highlighted in red overrides Say Soccer rules. 

Weather Policy
- If in doubt about whether games have been cancelled, check the CPYS Soccer website or the Crown Point Soccer Club Facebook page.

- In the event of a storm, play must be stopped and suspended until the danger has passed using the following minimum criteria:
- Two (2) complete quarters or (1) half played equals an official game. An unofficial or cancelled game is made up during the following week.
- - It is the responsibility of the referee to call the game.

- - If thunder is heard or any lighting is sighted at all the field must be cleared at once! Ref will notify both coaches. The coaches are responsible to clear all the kids off of the fields. 

* Ref will start timer for 30 minute wait period
* If thunder is heard or lightening is sighted during this first wait period- restart 30 minute timer
- - The total time of a weather delay must never exceed 60 minutes
- - If conditions exist whereby the delay would exceed 60 minutes, then the game is abandoned immediately. The ref will report to the ref assignor of a LIGHTNING POLICY issue. Coaches will follow the procedure below.

If required reschedule:
- Two (2) complete quarters or (1) half played equals an official game and doesn't have to be made up.
- A maximum of one cancelled game per season is permitted. Special circumstances not withstanding.
- Coach if your team cannot play during the scheduled time (whether a scheduling issue or continued weather issues), you must inform the VP and/or your coordinator.
- The league will attempt to schedule referees for the makeup game, in an instance when no ref is available, coaches will ref the game.

Make up schedule:

 Scheduled Game time
 Make up Day
Make up Time
 9:00a & 9:30a
 Monday 6:00p
 10:00a & 10:30a
 11:00a & 11:30a
 Wednesday 6:00p
 12:00p & 12:30p
 Thursday 6:00p
 1:00p & 1:30p
 Friday 6:00p

Field Status

Open Open

Crown Point Lemon Lake County Park (10:52 AM | 04/17/24)

Open Open

Keller Park - CP Practice Fields (10:25 PM | 04/07/24)

Open Open

Erlenbach Park (U14/U12) - CP Practice Fields (10:12 PM | 01/25/24)

Open Open

OLD Taft Middle School fields (U8) - CP Practice Fields (10:24 PM | 04/07/24)