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Becoming a Referee

If interested in becoming a referee for our in-house program please send us a email with the following information.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Have you refereed before?
  • Preference on what [U5 through U12] to referee if any? Note: referees are assigned based on experience.



Is there a age requirement?

- Must be at least 12 years or older.

What equipment is needed?
Note: A lot of of these items cannot be purchased at a local store.
-- Yellow referee shirt
-- Flags. Used by assistant referee.
-- Watch with a timer function (not cell phone)
-- Black knee high socks
-- Black shorts (or dark colored)
-- Black or dark colored shoes
-- Whistle
-- Flipping coin
-- Data wallet (yellow / red card)

Is training required?
- Yes, we have in person training before the spring and fall season. Once in our system we will notify you of the upcoming training.

How often do I require to get training?
- Once a year to recertificate. We do have a refresher course before each season as well.  

What are the available referee positions?
- Central referee: This the main referee for the game
- Assistant referee: Assistant to the central referee for U10 and U12 to calls out of bounds and offside. 

What type of referee system do we run?
- One referee system (one whistle)
- The “diagonal system” with one referee and two assistant referees.
Can I referee travel games also?
- Yes, as many of our in-house referees are also travel refs. 

What rule book do we use?
- Say Soccer rule book.
- Note: we do override some of the rules to make the game experience better.

Referee assignment options.

 One central referee per field. If no referee is assigned the coach will referee the game.
7/8 One central referee
10 One central referee and two assistant referees
12 One central referee and two assistant referees


Field Status

Open Open

Crown Point Lemon Lake County Park (04:53 PM | 12/06/21)

Open Open

Keller Park - CP Practice Fields (10:56 PM | 03/23/22)

Open Open

Erlenbach Park (U14/U12) - CP Practice Fields (09:47 PM | 04/09/23)