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U10 - U12  In-house tournament rules

Running Up the Score

- In the event that one team is five goals ahead of another team, the winning team will have to play down one player. The player will remain off the field until there is a two point differential. 
- - Coaches please let the referee know the reason for the player add and removal. 
- Positive sportsmanship can be created by avoiding score differences of 10-0 through various coaching strategies.  Coaches with a dominant team should encourage players to pass more frequently, rotate positions, and identify new players to score. 
- This will be handled by the coaches directly and the referee shall have no involvement.

When is tournament?

- The tournament will be held the last day of in-house season

Points earned during season:
- During the season score is kept for every game. Regular season will determine seeding for the tournament. The points system to be used is as follows:



 Game Points
 Win 3 points
 Tie 1 points
 Loss 0 points


- In the event that teams are tied in points it will then go to goals against. This means in a tie the team who had less goals scored against them will rank higher.

-- Seed 1 vs Seed 4

-- Seed 2 vs Seed 3

- Winner of 1 vs 4 will play Winner of 2 vs 3

- There will be trophies for 1st and 2nd place only

- 5th seed and 6th seed will also play each other that day. Therefore all teams get 8 games in the season minimum (only applicable when more than 4 teams play)

-- Tie Game
 In the event of a tie between two teams in the semifinal match or final match there will be a 5 minute golden goal period. If the game is still a draw then there will be a shootout to determine the winner.

-- Shootouts will consist of 3 shooters from each team. After the 3 shooters have shot, the team with the most goals wins. Shooters do not have to be on the field of play to participate in the shootout. In the event that the teams are tied after 3 shooters, the kicks will go 1 for 1. All players on each team must kick before any individual player kicks for a second time.

Field Status

Open Open

Crown Point Lemon Lake County Park (10:52 AM | 04/17/24)

Open Open

Keller Park - CP Practice Fields (10:25 PM | 04/07/24)

Open Open

Erlenbach Park (U14/U12) - CP Practice Fields (10:12 PM | 01/25/24)

Open Open

OLD Taft Middle School fields (U8) - CP Practice Fields (10:24 PM | 04/07/24)